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  • "Super Yacht Resume is the new standard for yacht Resumes/CV’s and is the best option in the industry by far. We noticed candidates get 4-5 time more interviews with Super Yacht Resume."

    — Ami Ira, Owner, Bluewater Crew

  • "Super Yacht Resume is the first yacht CV company to come along that matches the industry’s standards and image. They represent candidates the way Owners, Captains, and agents like to see them."

    — Kristy Fox, Fox Crew Placement

  • "I love what the team at Super Yacht Resume does. What I have noticed is that the candidates who have a Resume/CV from Super Yacht Resume are the ones that are getting the interviews and jobs more often."

    — Jill Maderia, Director of Denisen Yachts Crew Division

  • “I recommend Super Yacht Resume to all of my students for CV’s. They are by far the best in the industry and the ones who really created the new standards for CV’s in our industry.”

    — Alene Keenan, Author of Yacht Guru’s Bible, Yacht Stew Solutions Blog, and Educator at MPT

  • "We researched all the yacht Resume/CV companies out there and found that Super Yacht Resume was clearly the best. That is why we recommend them to all of our students."

    — Rhonda Darling, Bluewater Training USA

  • “We really like recommending Super Yacht Resume to our crew looking for jobs, because the present the candidates so well and effectively to our clients. They are the yacht CV company we choose to work with in the industry.”

    — Randi Barry, Crew Placement Elite Crew International

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Input your info into the CV and any additional info using the CV Tool Kit with easy set up instructions and  “cheat sheet” resources. The CV Tool Kit includes job descriptions for both yacht experience and land based experience, skill sets, and our CV strategies that are designed to get more calls and interviews. 

We guarantee that you will get more results with our CV layouts using the CV Tool Kit that if your new CV does not do better than your current one we will refund your money.

Ask us questions at any point. We are here to help.

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The #1 recommended yacht Resume/CV sOLUTION in the industry!

  • "Gavin and Super Yacht Resume were extremely easy to work with and they created a CV for me in a very short timespan.  Many people told me it was too narrow to search for a job on a 100M+, but the revised CV landed me a job on the 115 meter that I have always wanted to work on."

    — Thomas Houge

  • “Super Yacht Resume is the new standard for resumes in this industry. They help to really create the presentation required to be out in front of the pack and make the cut. I always recommend them to crew.”

    — Captain Herb Magney

  • “I decided to try to break into the yachting industry with no experience and no idea how to get started. I used Super Yacht Resume to help me create a yacht resume that showcase my accomplishments and help make my experience relevant to the industry. I got a job on my first yacht within two weeks with zero experience in yachting."

    — Hannah Sierocki, Stewardess

  • “I was told it would be a long road for me to get my first job on a yacht. My previous CV was not getting me any results. My stunning new SYR CV immediately got calls for the jobs I wanted! Thank You!”

    — Rachel Close

  • “As a new Chef I had no idea how to create a Yacht Chef CV. SYR created a new impactful CV, a skills list, edited my food photos and food photo gallery. After receiving and submitting I got multiple interviews in the very next week.”

    — Chef Jarle Saupsted

  • “Officially employed as Chief Stew! Thank you so much Super Yacht Resume for a new awesome CV and tips for getting the job.”

    — Aly Merrill

  • “I wish I had done it sooner! I had virtually no responses for several months. After getting a new yacht CV by Super Yacht Resume I had multiple interviews the very next week and a job the following week. I cannot recommend them enough.”

    — Margaret Banks

  • "Super Yacht Resume gave me a much needed new yacht CV. My old one was just not working anymore. My new one got immediate results and is keeping me busy as a freelance Chef. That are clearly the best at this.”

    — Chef Alun Mahon

  • “The whole CV Tool Kit process has just been great!!! I came in super green was trained in corporate for 10 years and had no clue about yachting or a world outside of finance. After getting my CV set up by SYR I used their great resources and videos to create a awesome CV. The editing and instructions were very easy to follow. The CV Tool Kit is a great option!"

    — Candice Bornman

  • “Super Yacht Resume really helped me get results that I was not getting from my previous CV. And they helped me quite a bit with interview strategies that I had not been using before that resulted in stronger interviews and offers."

    — Captain Grant Burger

  • “Gavin and his team at Super Yacht Resume helped me and my partner find a Captain/Stew couples position we had been seeking for a very long time. They completed revamped our CV’s and our whole previous approach to seeking jobs. Using their strategies and techniques for the CV and interviews we found a lot more success and started getting offers. Their system works!”

    — Captain Gideon Smith

  • “Thanks Gavin! Tell your team that my new Chef CV and headshot clean up is awesome! So much better than my last one."

    — Chef Marsell Van Der Westhuizen

  • "I was brand new to the industry, without any yacht experience. Super Yacht Resume helped me to make my previous experience fit the industry. And they explained to me my strong points and how to use strategies on the CV and in the interview to get the job. It really works! I was on my first a yacht just a couple of weeks later."

    — Bryan Keoskie

  • “Super Yacht Resume has helped me from the very beginning of my yacht career, and has continued to help me as I have targeted new jobs. I have recommended them to my friends and they have done a great job helping them as well. They will help you get the job you want.”

    — Brook Schnoor

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