Q: Can I do the Resume/CV in Word Perfect or Google Docs?

A: No, the CV Template Layouts are created in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages and will not convert right in other programs.

Q: Why should I save and send my new yacht CV as a PDF and not as Microsoft Word or Pages version?

A: It is best to always save and send your CV as a PDF because it will look the same across all devices and computers. When you send in Microsoft Word or Pages it will not look the same when someone opens up on a phone, tablet, or computer that does not have those programs or current versions.

Q: I am brand new to the industry, how will I know what to put on my CV?

A: We have a lot of information to help new crew including new crew strategies, how to describe your non-yacht/land-based experience along with sample job descriptions to help you get the right info on your new Yacht CV.

Q: Can I change the colors on my new Yacht CV template?

A: Yes you can, but can be complicated unless you are very familiar with building these types of documents in Microsoft Word or Pages. And we do not believe it is necessary, as we know the CV layouts we have created work extremely well.

Q: Can I change the font type and size, and change the information in the different sections?

A: Yes, this is very easy to do and explained in the set up videos that you are provided access to after purchase of the CV Tool Kit.

Q: What should I wear in my headshot?

A: You should not wear sunglasses, hats, or large jewelry. It is best to wear a solid colored Polo type shirt, NOT WHITE, lighter colored blues, turquoise, teal, rose, aqua, yellow, peach, etc. You should avoid stripes or patterns. If you are a Captain or an Officer on a vessel 50M/150ā€™ or larger I would consider wearing epaulettes. Chefs should wear a Chef coat.

Q: Which version should Chefs use?

A: We highly recommend Chefs do their CVā€™s in Apple Pages. We find it is best for using food photos, quick edits on food photos, and displaying the photos as a better quality.

Q: When I type text in why will it automatically go to the next page?

A: Text does not go automatically to the next page because the templates are created using text boxes. This means you will have to start continued text on the next page by clicking on the top of that page.